• Game Length:
    • Regular Season games and the first 2 rounds of the playoffs shall be played with 5 minute periods.
    • Starting with the 3rd round of the playoffs, games in both brackets shall be played with 10 minute periods.
  • No line changes.
  • Penalties ON, no offsides.
  • Auto/Manual is allowed for either player.
  • premium

  • Line-Up Changes and Goalie Changes can be made at any time.
  • Mercy rule is always in effect – 10 goal lead OR an 8-0 Start ends the game.
  • Team Selection:
    • Regular season games can be played with any non all-star team even if they are the same teams (i.e. CHI vs. CHI).
    • Playoff team selection shall be awarded to the player with the highest seed. Same teams are NOT allowed.
  • Frozen games: If an unintentional reset happens:
    • Take note of score and time, start new game with the old game score (just keep mental tally, no need to replicate the score on the game) and play the remaining time.
    • Example: if the game is 3-1 with 2:00 left in the 2nd and freezes. The game will start 3-1 and Players will wait for the clock to hit 2:00 in the first and then play the remainder of the period along with the next period and end the game in the 2nd)
    • Any unintentional reset can be conceited by the loser after 2 periods of play, if they do not want to replay game.
  • Any intentional interruption shall result in a forfeit.
    • Forfeited games shall be entered in the books as a loss and the score shall read 7-0 in favor of the non-forfeiter.
    • Any person who is unable to continue, for any reason, shall forfeit the remainder of his games and shall Not be replaced.
  • Any person who is unable to continue, for any reason, shall forfeit the remainder of his games and shall Not be replaced.
  • Drinking of alcoholic beverages is not only recommended, it’s mandatory!


  • Playoffs start after the completion of the regular season which typically will be between 6-8 games depending on the number of participants. 11 teams or under every player shall play each other once. 12 teams or more and 2 divisions are to be formed. Click on the Bracket below for Bracket Breakdown by number of teams
  • playoffs

  • All participants are guaranteed a playoff spot and are seeded, based on their regular season standings, in a double elimination bracket using the following criteria:
    1. Win/Loss Record
    2. Most Goals For
    3. Head to Head
    4. Fewest Goals Against
    5. Coin Flip


  • Depending on the numbers of players, first round byes are a possibility. Bracket templates are to be used and can be found on the website.
  • Controller and Chair selection shall be done on an argument basis to encourage poor sportsmanship and increase excuses.
  • The winner of the annual Segathon shall be given the title of Champion for the upcoming year and also be awarded the coveted Championship Belt.
  • The winner of the Pan-O-Prog Tournament (Mid Summer Classic) shall receive the “Golden Controller” Trophy
  • All other tournaments throughout the year, as well as any non-sanctioned games, shall be used to determine players overall SNR (Sega National Ranking) which will determine who really is the ‘Number One Contender’ for the belt!
  • As always… the winner goes the Bragging Rights….and to the Losers goes the excuses.


The Top 4 97ers takes on the Top 4 98ers in a match the somewhat resembles Golf’s Ryder cup. Loser has to pay for the Keg at Segathon. Each player plays every one on the opposing team once, 10 Minute Periods. Also each team can only use each NHL 95 Squad once, which makes for a lot more strategy.

  • 2 Points for a Win
  • 1 Point for a Tie
  • 1/2 Point for a Shutout
  • 1/4 Point for Penalty Shot
  • 1/4 Point for Inuring a Player for the whole game
  • 1/2 Point for a 5 Goal Win
  • 1 Point for a 10 Goal Win
  • 1/4 Point for getting all 3 Stars of the Game
  • 3 Points for Most Goals by a Team

Depends on event, currently 6 player draft for NHL, other games besides NHL 95 are also played.